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Open Day 14.05.2015.

Having to deal with millions of customers in about 20 countries with different legislation and requirements might sound really complex. What if you add also lots and lots of different technologies? Are we close to mission impossible? It's our job to keep the wheels spinning. Are you curious already? Do you want to have a glance on how to deal with all these?

Then join us for the event: Developing Software in Enterprise Application Landscapes.

Open day 2015
Sommerfest 2014

Summer Party 31.05.2014

The Sommerfest this year brought our colleagues, their partners and their families a lot of joy and we spent some great time together. We choose the same location, Sun Garden Resort but with different activities than last year and the party did not stop, until Sunday morning.

The joy and happiness of our employees is very important and with this year’s Sommerfest we manage a new step towards this.

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Christmas Party 10.12.2013.

In 2013 we wanted a more modern party than in the last few years and chose the Da Vinci Restaurant as our location for the Christmas Party. Everybody looked fabulous and had a great time, so the party went on till the early hours.

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Christmas party

Motivational Training

Team Building 12.09.2013

We chose the former European cultural capital from 2007, Sibiu, for the 2013 team building event. For 3 days and 2 nights Sibiu and its surroundings welcomed us with nice weather, cheerful people and nice places.

Lots of activities and lots of fun gave the 90 colleagues, biggest participation ever, a memorable event.

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Summer Party 08.06.2013.

Our 2013 summer party was all about sports, fun and great weather. Sun Garden was the perfect place where all the main ingredients for a great party could be gathered and experienced fully.

The fact that we were accompanied by our families and partners made this event more pleasant and highlighted the fact that we're all one big family.

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Summer Event