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UITS - ADM Policy Admin & DMS

The Application Development & Maintenance Team for Policy Admin has members from Budapest, who work on the Raiffeisen products in PL/I and members from Cluj-Napoca, who work on the UNIQA products in COBOL and C++.

Motor insurance, Life insurance, Health insurance and Non-life insurance are all part of Policy Admin with an all UNIQA team, with people only from Vienna, being in Policy Admin 1.1 and with the team, splitted between Budapest and Cluj-Napoca, being in Policy Admin 1.2.

In Budapest we have PL/I as a programing language, CICS transactions, DB2 for Databases and both Mainframe and Web interfaces. The colleagues work for the RAIVIS products, which are insurance products sold by the Raiffeisen Bank in Austria. RAIVIS is entirely dedicated for the Austrian market.

In Cluj-Napoca we have COBOL and C++ as a programing language, CICS and IMS transactions, DB2 and IMS for Databases and the following products: COBRA for car insurance, KRAN for health insurance, SULEIKA for life insurance and POSS for Non-Life insurance. All these products are dedicated for the Austrian market and are the main products of UNIQA Insurance.

The heart of the UNIQA infrastructure is DMS (Document Management System), which enables the users to track and store electronic document in their day to day business. The whole development team for DMS is located in Cluj.

We use a wide range of technologies like GWT, Smart GWT, HTML, CSS, JSF, JSP, JavaScript - React, XML, JDBC, HTTP, jQuery, LifeRay and Confluence. As Application Servers we use JBoss which make use of technologies like Web Services, EJB, JMS and many others.

Our applications are present mainly in Austria, but also in other European countries like Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Czech Republic and Montenegro.

Alexandru Scridon

Unit Manager,
ADM Policy Admin & DMS

UITS - ADM Cross-Systems BPMS

In the BPMS team we develop web-applications which implement, execute and control business processes based on a general process model.

BPMS speeds up the business processes and allow significant optimizations and productivity increases.

For BPMS we use the webMethods framework for application integration, business process integration and B2B partner integration.

The Security team is responsible for Access and Identity Management, confidentiality and security of information and communication, as well as prevention against hackers.

Iuliana Stoica

Managing Director & Unit Manager,
ADM Cross-Systems BPMS

UITS - ADM Interaction

The team has as main focus the development of Java web based applications which are used in the insurance field (for example: Point Of Sales applications used by insurance brokers, claims management, reporting and statistics, content management, CRM and many more, all used by various business departments from the inssurance company).

The technologies used in our team are different view frameworks (Struts, JSF based Richfaces, GWT, ReactJS) integrated into Java Enterprise Applications deployed in a clustered Jboss environment. We also use EJB and Hibernate for business logic and persistence, Maven and Jenkins for build automation and continuous integration of all our projects.

The team also covers a Content Management System of UNIQA Austria (CMS) which comprises of internet and intranet websites of the company most notably and concern websites.

Some team members have more responsibility with focus on technical design and architecture of the projects. This consists technical analysis of the incoming demands and assurance that the applications are developed according to the rules defined by the general development process and also by the company wide architecture team.

Virgil Timoc

Unit Manager,
ADM Interaction

UITS - Group Support

Our team is composed of 27 colleagues, which are part of larger, cross-location teams.

We are supporting the UNIQA Group with specialized expertise in the following groups:

  • Solution Architecture
  • Project Management
  • Quality Management and Training
  • Application Development and Management
  • Change Management and Operations
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Resource Management
  • Release Management
  • UNIQA IT Helpdesk

Through this spread involvement in many teams, we are part of many and very challenging projects, inside UNIQA. We are working with colleagues from all over the UNIQA Group, including Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic, Serbia, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Albania, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Russia, Ukraine and Romania.

Depending on their team, our colleagues were offered trainings and certifications in PMI-PMP, SAFe, TOGAF, Scrum Trainings, RHCE, IIBA, ISTQB.

We highly encourage our team members to take part in both technical as well as soft-skills trainings and bring back and apply their learnings in their day to day job. This helps all of us constantly grow, and be the best that we can be.

Although we are such a diverse group, and most of the time we do not work collectively together, we always get together for a morning coffee, or for one of the many company parties.

Raul Sabau

Unit Manager,
UITS - Group Support

RSO-JD (Java Development)

Our teams in the Raiffeisen Area act in a virtually distributed environment - currently with 7 locations: Cluj-Napoca in Romania, Vienna, Linz, Innsbruck and Leoben in Austria, Budapest in Hungary and Nitra in Slovakia - all part of a multinational group.

Business wise, the JD team is responsible for various projects from front-end web applications used by the bank customers or bank clerks to middle-ware and back-end core banking systems. Complementary to the banking industry the team has experience with ERPs and Content/Information Management Systems for the media and real estate industries.

Our colleagues integrate in a network of 70+ Java professionals and are backed up by experienced teams of Software Architects, Business Analysts, Project Managers, Scrum Masters, QA and System Engineers; all-in-all more than 100 specialists are responsible for the conception, implementation and maintenance of true, large, enterprise-wide systems, with complex architectures and real life constrains like speed, performance or nonstop systems availability.

The technologies used to develop the web applications are centered around the Java Programming Language: RichFaces and PrimeFaces for the UI, Spring for the wiring, JPA and Hibernate for the persistence. For accessing the various banking systems several Service Oriented Frameworks are used, the orchestration being done in a BPMS environment. As deployment environments Tomcat is used for the lightweight web applications and IBM Web Sphere for the Services.

The teams adapt their collaboration and development methodologies to the specifics of each project and customer trying to stay as agile as possible.

Alexandru Mâță

Team Leader, RJD

RSO-BI (Business Intelligence)

The main responsibility of the BI Team is the handling of Banking Data, gathering it from various sources, structuring it and then making it available for further processing, according to the needs of the business, financial and controlling departments of the main customer: the Raiffeisen Banking Group.

The applications developed by the DWH and BI specialists act as central reference point, providing access in a protected and secured way to the sensitive data handled by the bank.

Our colleagues have experience in both MSSQL (SSIS, SSAS and SSRS packages) and Pentaho DWH thus being able to deliver high quality and flexible solutions for both large and medium-sized enterprises.

Mainly focused on development, our team in Cluj-Napoca is well integrated in a virtual department comprising all-in-all of more than 50 individuals performing Business Analysis, Database Design, Data Integration, Data Analysis and Data Reporting.

The BI teams collaborate in an agile manner (perform daily scrums, use Application Lifecycle Management software) yet follow a customized waterfall process agreed with the business departments of the Raiffeisen Bank.

Daniela Pălăcian

Team Leader, RBI