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Enterprise technology
for unity in diversity.

Our company delivers a broad range of software development and IT consulting services for the UNIQA Insurance Group and Raiffeisen Banking Group. We work in a nearshoring model as a daughter company of our shareholders. We integrate our internal organization and processes with those of our owners for a streamlined and efficient collaboration.

Custom made IT Solutions

With expertise in a comprehensive stack of technologies used across enterprise financial environments we are able to develop complete IT solutions. Backed up by a team of versatile business analysts and quality assurance engineers our expert developers implement software customized precisely on the needs of the business departments.

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Application maintenance

Our involvement in the lifecycle of the software solutions we create continues also after we deliver the completed products. Together with external partners like Raiffeisen Informatik GmbH we deploy and monitor our solutions up to the production environments. We care to provide highly qualitative applications, thus we regularly enhance them and fix any problems our users have encountered.

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IT Consulting

We have expertise in both financial and business management applications for the insurance and banking industries. The business know-how we have acquired in successful, real-life enterprise projects recommends us as a reliable partner in designing complete solutions adapted to the needs of each individual customer.

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